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Magaeng. eMakhaya. Rural South Africa.​
My birthplace, and home.
I never envisioned myself a writer, but when the stories urged me, they led me back to the heart of my homeland.
Here, I inherited scars, breathed deep, laughed wide, and ran barefoot on rough, untamed earth that whispers belonging.
Yet, this same land once brought me shame when city kids mocked my broken English, saying, "she comes from the farms!”
Now, with age, I see the beauty and significance of rural South Africa. It is not a place of backwardness, but the lifeblood of a nation, a land marked by both pain and resilience. I want to remember and discover the stories etched against the backdrop of a complex history, where there are scars of oppression but also enduring hope that has held together countless generations.
Won’t you join me on this journey, where imagined life, with its joys and pain - and perhaps not so different from yours or mine- unfolds amidst this vast rural landscape?


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